The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia, meaning to see or to see into the darkness. Shamanism is an ancient tradition of healing among many of the indigenous people worldwide. Although there are variations amongst different cultures, there are countless similarities.

Shamans are either called to this practice during a dream (as I was) or inherit the role. Shamans are referred to as seers. During an altered state of consciousness, the shaman will work with their spirit guides to heal the client.

As a Lightworker, I work with my animal spirit guides. One of my spirit guides is the wolf, which is a powerful animal and in spiritualism is a symbol that represents strong intuition and awareness.

When we are run down, our energy is low, this is when we can become physically and emotionally unwell.


Shamanism is the healing of the whole body - the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual.

Shamanism increases our energy levels to aid our body in healing.

Shamanism is a non-invasive form of healing which is complimentary to any medical treatment you may be currently undertaking.

Shamanism is a beautiful experience where you feel a radiance from within.

Shamanic healing services I offer…


Power animal retrieval

Bringing you together with your power animal guardian to enhance your own well-being.

It can help by raising your spirit levels, to be more stronger and more confident and to protect you.

Soul portion retrieval

Restoring part of your soul essence which has been lost during a trauma or negative life experiences.

If you suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you can benefit from this service. 

Extraction healing

Removal of unwanted energies from your body.

Tuvan drum healing

Sound healing using a natural skin drum to restore your physical and spiritual balance.

Distance healing

If for some reason you are unable to see me in person, this service is provided.


To enable deceased family or friends to transition to the other side. This service is free of charge.


I use various methods of Divination to help answer your questions.

Ghost removal

I assist middle world spirits whom are stuck to move to their rightful place. 


The benefits of Shamanism still amaze me. Most clients feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Feeling lighter and happier as it clears and restores their own natural self. Creating a clear path for them to continue on their life’s journey.



Shaman healing: More than one service can be done in one session and the amount of services will determine the price. 

​Please note - I also offer a mobile service, travel fee is at a flat rate of $25 within the Perth metro area. 

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