“I had a soul portion retrieval + a hypnosis session.

Jacqui makes sure that you feel comfortable and is such a fantastic healer and an amazing person. She helped me a lot.

Thanks again Jacqui.”

Miriam, Netherlands

“High quality service.

Wolf Feather made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in my session. She explained things clearly and I felt safe in the professional environment she has created. She has a wonderful gift and is very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended to all friends and family.”

Lucy, Perth

“A must try.
Was my very first time to experience shamanic healing, Felt very calm after my session, would highly recommend it."

Urvi, Perth

“Totally relaxing, healing and fun too. I felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulder after I had 2 different types of healing. I felt so good that I went back for more. Highly recommend.”

Marija, Perth

“A few weeks ago I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed, and a friend recommended Jacqui to me. I was feeling apprehensive since I never had this type of treatment before. As soon as I started talking to Jacqui I felt the warmth from her that made me relax.  The whole experience was magnificent, I felt this weight lifted from me, I had tears of joy from the relief I felt. My session included smudging, which I loved, drum sound healing and power animal retrieval. I would totally recommend Jacqui to anyone who is needing some spiritual healing. Jacqui is amazing in what she does.”

Lia, Perth

“I've never had Shamanic work done before and am pleased to have shared the first experience with Jacqui. Genuine magick happened during the session and I would recommend her to anyone. Many thanks, Jacqui"

Charli, Perth

"Have a personal shaman who I have communicated with for years. Needed a session while in Perth and Jacqui was highly recommended - she still is. I was impressed by her abilities and availability. Definitely session with her while in Perth!"

Charles, USA

"Jacquilin is a truly gifted Shaman. She was spiritually guided to do this work and she is a powerful conduit to her spirit guides. I was immediately transported by the power of Jacquilin's medicine. She is able to deliver profound and life changing services with such comfort and security. She is a nurturing yet strong medicine woman who can deliver services that are guaranteed to transform your life!

I cannot endorse and recommend Wolf Feather Shaman more highly. Quite simply She is divinely blessed!

My sessions included the Tuvan Drum, Soul Portion retrieval and Power Animal retrieval.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have received this healing from her."

Nina, Perth

"If you are reading this I believe you have been guided to this form of healing. I had several issues that over an 18 month period, which were compromising my health and my abiltiy to work. Using both orthodox, complimentary health services, and a lot of self care I had made some progress.

I have always felt a connection to the indigenous people of North America, so on finding a shamanic healer in Perth I dived in with amazing results.

Jacqui lead me through 2 soul retrievals and my power animal sessions. 

The healings I experienced were powerful and profound which lifted my recovery to a new level. The 'new me' has renewed energy and a much more positive outlook to life. Jacqui is an intuitive healer and I am very grateful for her skillful healings. 

I encourage you to take a leap of faith with Wolffeather". 

Sandra, Falcon, Western Australia

"Just recently I had the dreadful experience of discovering I had a curse placed on me.  I was completely oblivious until a Clairvoyant friend of mine, rang me, to tell me she’d received a message from her guides that all was not well for me and I needed an urgent healing.  Until I had received that phone call I was in real slump.  I have experienced depression before, and have had hardships throughout my life, but the place I was in was dark and I literally felt like I was dying. 

Once my friend told me I had been cursed, everything made sense.  I was at the point where I was finding it difficult to get out of bed, difficult to eat, to move, to function on the most basic level, I literally felt like my energy was draining out of me.  Straight away I knew who could help me and even though my clairvoyant friend offered me assistance, I knew that Jacqui was the person I needed to help me. 

Jacqui came and got everything prepared.  She performed her healing which was not only peaceful and beautiful but profound.   Jacqui and her guides lifted the curse, I literally felt the bad energy leave my body and my energy return.

I am back from the brink. I feel like I have so much more energy, I am now working again, my life is better than ever and I feel like I’m on top of the world. 

Jacqui has helped me twice now.  I cannot recommend her services enough.  She is a very powerful healer, guided to help in the most powerful way." 

Nina Watts, Perth, Western Australia 

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